Thursday, November 12, 2009

Look at You

Look at you,

vessel of unfounded love

a quirk of the lips

a shameless smile

and fingertips touching

through windowpanes of frosted

happy tears

a crinkle of eyes

a selfless word

and the sky falls around us

in shooting stars

as bright as the color under your hood.

Look at you,

tremulous world of unending warmth

a twitch of fingers

a soft caress

a melody of beating hearts

and an alchemy of laughter

in bursts of fluttering wings

as lovely as the smile under your hood.

Look at you,

carrier of a boundless heart

an upturned eye

outstretched arms

a smile to the sky

and you fly

into scattered winds

as soft as the voice uncovered

when you removed your hood.

a crinkle of the eyes

a quirk of the lips

and the sky wraps around us

in the drifting galaxies

as warm as your endless embrace.