Thursday, July 23, 2009

First Break from Work.

That's right, my friends. For the past three day's I've been working my extra weight off in a kitchen... only to regain it once again during lunch. Just joking. These old people eat a lot healthier food than we do, and a lot better tasting than some of the stuff in high school cafeterias.

Anyway. Today was my first break of the week, Saturday being another one, and still I feel strange having an inconsecutive weekend.

But!~ This isn't a complaint! I think I like my job so far, though I feel extremely slow, in both mental and physical sense, compared to my fellow kitchen ladies. They tell me I'll soon start catching up to them, so I'm still optimistic. Besides, where else can I work where I don't have to take my own lunch? lol.

For tomorrow I have a ride, as well as Sunday, though for the other days I have to rely on the bus. It's a two hour trip, and then I have to wait two hours before my work actually starts (there's no later bus so I have to take that last one which takes me early) so in the end, I'm out of the house for around 9 to 11 hours, getting home exhausted, but feeling accomplished. I can't wait for my first paycheck. Straight to the bank it will go, taking out the money I'll need for the bus.

I'm hopeful that I'll stay at this job for a while, and that we might even move closer, however much i dislike the heat (it's a desert... almost).