Wednesday, June 3, 2009

In Which, Can you?

Can you hear
Those words are hesitant and
softly sing to me?

Despite their volume
They stay behind and hide amongst
surface scattered notes
that forget them.

Can you see
those smiles are broken and entice
attention from you?

Despite their weakness
There's no look back and plead for
compassion in return
for the virtue

Busy nights are etched across them.
broken letters that don't scar
the surface of star cut eyes
and indecisive moments
that forget them.

Can you feel
the heavy shackles wrapped around
those all too thin hands?

Despite their burden
they keep on playing softly
surface scattered notes
that forget them.

Can you love
the treated heart and soul that
needs compassion?

If you say you will
There's no look back and regret
to inform the bound up heart
that there's no song
to sing.

Eh... I feel under appreciated lately. Completely useless and alone... and what's worse is I don't even feel like talking to anybody. I want to talk, but then i get moody and it just makes things awkward, so I'd rather not.

Soon I'll be able to move on, I hope, and find my way. Because I'm lost and can't seem to think much about anything except the dead end I have just walked into. Sometimes, epiphanies aren't always a good thing. I somehow wish I had stayed oblivious to what I know feel... But anyway... I hope you like the poem.


Shafi said...

A word of appreciation " beautiful ". I think you need to break the ice and come out. World is so big that cannot be discovered completely. Stop thinking that you are so and so. . . . Just break the rules. Freak out. Ask what you need. Hunt down that you think you cant get. Learn from every single experience. Stay cool. And smile. And say to the world " i dont give a s***. I am what i am. "