Tuesday, February 10, 2009

In Which, Happiness! I Went to Little Tokyo~

As said in the title, I went to Little Tokyo yesterday. It was raining, and of course we got wet (i went with my friends Julie and Sara) But we had so much fun! First of all, I was able to get the school supplies I needed. I bought new colored pencils, because despite how much i loved my woodless pencils, I admit it was pretty stupid of me to think they would last in my backpack T-T . Also I Finally found Brace Story! (Happy Dance) While my mom was angry at me for spending money on something ‘useless’(LIES~ no book is useless!) I am still thrilled to finally find the beautiful hardback copy of the book I’ve been wanting to read for a two whole years!

Well. in the end, the food was more expensive than the stuff we bought, in my opinion, but we were happy. We ate mochi ice cream (which Juju LOVES now) and karaage (which Juju and I LOVE) and ramen… which wasn’t that good (BLASPHEMY). I was also able to find some makeup in the 99 cents store >.> (some people may want to kill  me, but this stuff actually works on my cheapo face XD. Anyway, I have to go to school in.. 2 minutes, so this post is done!