Wednesday, December 31, 2008

In Which I write My New Year's Resolution

Its the dawn of a new era... the rise of a new age... and... the beginning of another grueling attempt to survive all that life throws at me.

Resolution #1: Lose ten pounds per month until I only weigh 110 pounds at the lowest. Recently I've noticed that I gained a LOT of weight since I lost my job. So much so that the doctors have started telling me I HAVE to lose some. I'll have to eat healthier for this and start exersicing...dammit.

Resolution #2: Get a Gosh darn Job! Seriously... I need money, and I have to get a job otherwise I'll be stuck living in this god-forsaken state

Resolution #3: Keep those grades up! no way i can stress this enough... not only must i keep these grades up, but also start filling college and scholarship applications... DO IT!

Resolution #4: Start trying to look your best, gosh darnit! After seeing those pictures of me with makeup on i realized im not that horrible looking. If i got up a few minutes earlier to put something on, it could make a big difference to the way I look. No only that, I have to start taking care of my hair.. get a new haircut or something cuz the split ends are driving me up the wall.