Thursday, December 11, 2008

In Which Men in Tights is the Most Beautiful Sight I've Ever Seen~ (12/ 7 / 08)

Wow, this is from a very long time ago, but I feel like I must post this or feel horrible about not speaking about the most excitingg part of December!

I know, I know... What kind of girl likes to see men in tights, right? Well I am here to say, that it is, without a doubt one of the hottest things in the world!

This weekend, I and the rest of the Vocal Ensemble went to perform at the Alex Theatre in Glendale. The performance itself wasnt that bad on the first day. We wore our red dresses, while the guys wore their cumber buns... really i dont know why they have such a strange name...

Any way Here are the glorious pictures of the ballet taken by my choir teacher:

((The Snow Fairy, or.. I dont remember her name...))

((The Nutcracker Prince and the Sugarplum Fairy... i dont get whats so special about her >.>))

((There we are!! Of course our choir teacher didnt take this himself, him being in the picture...))

((this was outside in the lobby... and it was cold. Im the only one wearing glasses))