Saturday, December 27, 2008

In Which Dammit, I'm sick Again!

Normally one isnt happy to get sick at all, but I am one of the lucky people *note the sarcasm* that gets sick the day right after Christmas. Oh life is a cruel mistress. I woke up early on the 26th since everything was going to be on sale. Of course, it was freezing and I, unluckily, got there an hour before they opened. Doesnt Walmart Open at 6? *sigh*

Anyway, I was able to get most of the stuff I wanted, except for rain boots. The ones they had were hideous, and didnt even fit. By the time I got out of the store I was feeling pretty weak, so hurriedly I went back home.. another empty bus ride. Once I got home though, I had concluded that I had gotten sick as well. I guess that happens when you get up so early and into the cold. ]

I spent most of the day sleeping after I watched Price Caspian, who by the way is utterly sexy... though I prefer Edmund. lol. I had a slight fever when I woke up later, and had a horrible headache which i tried to alleviate with Tylenol. I swar that stuff dont work on me! T-T All in all, it was a pretty crappy day except for the Narnia movie and getting my goods from the store. Now excuse me, I'm going back to sleep now.