Friday, December 5, 2008

In Which December 1st Marked the Beginning of a Stressful Week

As stated in the title, I have had one of the most stressful weeks of the year. Although I can say that not everything about the week was bad, one could even say that it was a very exciting week, but I will argue to say that: what comes up must come down. I had some very high points to the week, but also had some very low points.

Monday (12/1/09)
I woke up extremely excited that morning because we were going to go to court as a field trip for my government class. Of course, I, wanting to take as much time getting ready to go, woke up half an hour earlier and turned on the coffee maker. The smell of this elixir of life woke me up immediately... or so i thought. In my still drowzy state, I had decided to wear wedges to court, thinking that since I would most likely be sitting down the whole time, I wouldn't have to worry about my feet hurting. Ohoho boy, was I ever wrong.

Not only did I forget to actually take the coffee i had so painstakenly prepared, but my feet began to hurt right about the time we got to court. When I cared to check i found that the shoes had rubbed my toes raw to the point where one of them was "skinned." Not a pretty sight and more painful than it seemed. But I'm not mexican for nothing, so I sucked it up all day until we finally came back to school around 5th period. Then, I let myself go and went crying to the nurse like a baby. My feet were bleeding by then. Smartie me. Of course, I called my mom and she came to pick me up, bringing the best, most comfortable shoes I have ever bought. Thank you L.A. I hobbled back home with my mom and brother, taking the bus and all that, and finally was able to rest and put my feet up.

Tuesday (12/2/09)
Nothing much happened that day besides me being in too much pain to put on my shoes. I promised myself on this day that i would never wear heels again. Let's see how long that holds up.

Another field trip day, only this time for vocal ensemble. All of us went to the Calabasas Country our formal attire, meaning we had to wear those hideous red dresses. From what I hear, they were the best looking ones... though I wish they had come in black. Oh well. Red is the color of Christmas, so I guess it's ok. Anyway, The actual field trip was very entertaining. Even for us, who were supposed to be the ones entertaining the older folk, but We had fun. We were given LOTS, and i mean LOTS of sweets. I almost got a stomach ache from all the cookies and brownies i ate, but the ladies were very amiable and we all had fun singing with the elderly. One of the ladies even started crying because we "looked so cute." Too soon, though, it was over, and we had to return to school, though we did take a lot of group pictures, even a few "religious" group pictures which were very funny. We got to school on time for 6th period so I had fun on the computer for one hour, and then went to Merchandise class.

The most horrible day of the week. Again, I forgot to bring my coffee to school, so I practically fell asleep in class..actually i did. My friend had to wake me up. In my psychology class i found out that my "partners" had told the teacher that I hadnt wanted to participate. How far from the truth their statement could be... They never gave me the opportunity to participate, always wanting to do the psychology experiment after school, when i had made it clear that I was unable to because of my after school class. Did they care, of course not. I asked them if we could do the project on the weekend but no, they wanted to hang out together on saturday, so they ended up doing it during lunch without telling me. And i even went so far as giving them my email so they could send me the information and i could neaten it up a little, but they never did, saying that it was because i was absent... like that has anything to do with them not emailingme.

Anyway, the teacher gave me only a few more days to do my own experiment by myself, when they had a whole month to do it together. Thanks a lot. Very helpful. Though i di appreciate the chance, it was a very small one for something i didnt do. I hate the living. lol.

Actually nothing special happened, besides me waking up with massive amounts of pain in my back and stress. Thanks a lot, "partners" I hope your christian god gives you your's. Now I know that i sound like a childish whiner, but it really pisses me off, and i still am pissed off. Although I cant wait to go to the ballet tomorrow, I am stressed out so fully that anyone tapping me on the arm has me jumping a mile in the air. I will not have time during the weekend to do my project though the teacher says that "it only takes an hour." Yeah? well how about actually getting help to film myself doing the experiment. If I'm lucky I wont have to take a picture of myself, though i now I'll be too busy at the ballet to take pictures anyway. Goddess give me patience so I dont go bonkers on God's people. Why are Christians still out to get us?