Tuesday, November 25, 2008

In Which...I am sick!! Oh noes!!

Just as the title says...I am sick. *gasp*On friday I woke up with the most horrible backache I've ever had since I fell out of that tree in sixth grade...and that's saying a lot. Well anyway, I braved through this ordeal over the weekend, stoically taking the horrible as bravely as possible.

The end of the weekend, though, brought a whole new set of problems, mainly getting ready for school. Not only was I being attacked by agonizing back pain, I was also coming on with the flu! ..or a cold, or whatever... The bottom line is that neither is pleasant...and just befor Thanksgiving, too!

But I promise I wont succumb to this bug! I will bravely stare the sickness down, and I will triumph, using all the Wiccan powers I have!...including eating lots of onion and hot peppers.

And for another poem I wrote during breakfast...

His eyes reflect like mirror shards
lost by the Snow Queen.
He is beautiful
but only seeing the ugliness of the world
he shatters every time
You take him.
Mosaic of my breaking love
my breath ghosting over
eyes as sharp as glass.
Perfect seeing only evil
ice flowing through his veins
until they reach his heart.
He becomes mine.