Monday, November 17, 2008

In Which The Fires Of My Land Silence Me… (11/15/08)

Because otherwise, I’d be online talking up a storm, looking up colleges, role-playing, or looking for anyway out of this god-forsaken… I admit it; I’m a nerd. But anyways, imagine my surprise when I woke up to smell ash up my nostrils…not very pleasant. Not only that, but somehow the fire made it so the Internet (is for porn), the television, and the telephone don’t work. So there’s no possible way to communicate with anybody unless I go outside. If you know me you know that is not an option. I don’t talk to my neighbors. I am cut off from society. Oh the tragedy.

So I have no way to vent now. No way to explain how awesome my night was yesterday. I mean, I went with two of my friends after classes to a curry restaurant. Though I can’t help but feel a little bad because I always end up mooching off of them. But we always have fun in the end.

Anyway. One would not believe how bored I was all day. It seems there really not much to do on the computer when there isn’t any Internet (porn). I keep wondering if maybe I should have gone to the library, but my recent incidents with sunlight-induced headaches takes away my doubts. I am not an outside person. Or I am, but only if it is dusk or its so cloudy it might as well be evening. I hope I’m not one of those vampire kids, but then again I figure I’m not otherwise I would already be becoming paralyzed or something. Thank goodness I am not, then. But back to the subject of how bored I am.

What angers me the most is the fact that the day right after I started this blog, the Internet (porn) decides to bite the dust. Meaning, of course, no updating of the blog. Until then, I will keep writing on my word processor and post these blogs once my net is up and running. Vivi out.