Friday, November 14, 2008

In Which Stress Attacks The Mind

Now as most teenagers know, high school is filled with stress. Whether from the actual school work or from relationships that don't go exactly as planned, every person, even outside of high school has their fair share of stress, and I am no different.

I had not really complained about stress throughout most of my life, being a sort of laid back(lazy) easygoing person. Though now I am assaulted by the tornado that is college applications and the search for financial aid. I am not going to go all out and say that I'm poor, though at school I usually make a joke of my financial problems, but I will go ahead and say that I need all the help I can get to make it into college. I do not want to end up living off of welfare for the rest of my life or sharing an apartment with my mother. The strain on trying to become independent without mooching off of her in the meanwhile is enough to start giving me migraines...literally.

Now the start of my stress induced headaches came about sometime in the beginning of the year when I realized, Hey, I'm a senior, I have to go to college next year...imagine that. Well, anyway, this shocking revelation led me to the college office, where i dove into the haystack of colleges, researching and trying to figure out just what I want to spend the rest of my life doing as a career. I, who was used to just following instructions, had to go out and figure stuff out for myself. Talk about being out of my element.

First of all there's the problem of actually deciding on what career path to choose, whether culinary arts, since i love food, visual arts, since I like to paint, draw, etc., Music, because I like to sing, Literature, for my love of writing and reading, photography, because I like... well photography, or becoming a teacher because I like to torture small children...That was a joke. Anyway, there's the rush of finding your major so I can actually go to college, then there's the rush on finding a college.

I'm not going to say that I hate community colleges, but I know that If I start there, I will never get out of that. I know myself. I'm easygoing (lazy), passive, and don't like to stress too much(which makes my current predicament all the more stressful... and of course the family doesn't really help) So I really want to hurry up and find the college or university where I will be happy for the next four years, learning what I need to know to enjoy the next fifty or so years of my life. It's just that, the headaches make me giddy.