Monday, November 17, 2008

In Which The Boredom Continues… (11/16/08)

And still the Internet (porn) does not work. My mother and I are so bored that we decided to clean things. Imagine… We are doing housework *collected gasps*

Therefore, in order to relieve boredom, my mother has been sending me to run errands. Which incidentally, always end up with me being followed by some unknown male. Like today for example. I went grocery shopping. All went well, as I got everything I had on the list, maybe going a bit overboard and having to leave some things behind. Otherwise I was able to get a good 90% of the things listed. I had a good cashier, also because the line was not long, or nonexistent. The cart gave me a little trouble on the way home, and as I was passing by a bus returning children from Sunday school, too. Coincidence? I think not. It seems the Christian god is still out to thwart us pagans in the world,

Well, anyway, as I was coming back home from grocery shopping, tugging along a goddess knows how heavy cart, when this strange guy comes along and asks me if he can help me. Now I’m not a prejudice person…ok yes I am, I don’t like Mexicans, and this guy had Apocalypto and cholo written all over his face… and his neck, and back, and arms…So I just smiled and went my merry way, trying to keep a safe distance. Imagine my surprise when he walks right up to my apartment building and opens the door for me… talk about awkward. Then he helps me take the cart down the stairs without breaking the eggs. All this was done without me saying a word, as, ironically, I’m very adept at acting like a mute. Turns out the guy is friends with the crazy dude next door who does drugs and threatened to kill everybody in the apartment building. Who says my judgment is flawed?